Longer Battery Life?

Tablets are more vulnerable to external factors than you might think – and nowhere more so than in terms of battery longevity. There are actually two issues to get the best from your batteries: the first being ‘battery life’ – that is to say the amount of time your tablet can run before a recharge is required – and the second being ‘Battery Lifespan’, which is the total number of charges the battery can take before there is a noticeable decline in battery capacity (normally to 80% of original charge or below).With the majority of battery tablets sealed into the unit and expensive to replace, careful battery management will extend the day-to-day operability of your tablet and extend its life.

Improving Battery Life

Update Software Version
Most portable devices these days are available to received software updates so they run better – and in some cases help them run more efficiently. Check your device’s settings for a software update function and run it at regular intervals.

Optimize Your Settings
There are a number of iPad settings you can adjust to minimize power consumption and extend battery life, including screen brightness. These tips may help extend your battery life.

Adjust screen brightness
The single best way to extend battery life is to manage the screen brightness of your tablet. While many are preset with maximum or optimised brightness, or have an auto-brightness feature which adjusts screen brightness to ambient conditions, manually lowering screen brightness will considerably extend battery life. Just make sure you can still see your screen afterwards!

Check your apps
Certain Apps, such as those that use full screen brightness or require Wi-FI or location services, will reduce battery life – so avoid using them if you’re not going to have a regular charge.

Shut down Wi-Fi and 3G
If you don’t need email or internet access, it’s safe bet that you won’t have to leave the power-draining Wi-FI on. Turn it off to save power. Equally, if you’re using 3G networks to back up Wi-Fi connectivity, your 3G will also drain battery life, especially in areas with poor 3G reception.

Minimize location-specific services
Apps and Websites that require location status to operate, such as Foursquare, require constant updating via 3G and Wi-FI – avoid them if you don’t need them.

Turn off push notifications and push mail
May applications such as instant messaging and mail are set to update and receive data at regular intervals. While this will keep you in touch, it will require your Wi-Fi and 3G to be permanently active – again, switch off your push functions (typically found in the Settings folder of your device). If you can’t live without contact with the outside world, ration yourself to turning your connectivity every so often so you can receive your data in one single chunk. In addition, ration the amount of email accounts and data you receive down to essential accounts.

Lock your tablet
As anyone knows who’s accidently dialled anyone while their phone is in their pocket, device locking is a good idea. Do the same for your tablet whenever you put in back in its case or sleeve – it could save you the horror of discovering you’ve got no charge left for that 10-hour flight.

Improving Battery Lifespan

Keep your tablet out of the sun!
Exposure to hot or cold termperatures can have a damaging effect on any tablets battery, as extreme temperatures can change the delicate chemical balance within high-performance battery. The iPad, for instance, is recommended to work in temperatures between 0-35 (32-95 degrees Fahrenheit), but room temperatures are ideal.

Wherever possible, keep your tablet away from potentially hazard conditions, most typically leaving it in direct sunlight or in a car on a sunny day. And while it might be less likely that you’ll be using it in sub-zero temperatures, it’s always possible – particularly with the new breed of stargazing apps which might have you swinging your tablet around on a cold, clear night.

Use Your Tablet Regularly
Battery longevity is partly based on putting your battery through a full cycle of charging and running down. At least once a month, put your tablet’s batteries through its paces: charge the battery to full capacity and run it down to zero. It may sound crazy, but it works – and you’ve got a legitimate excuse to waste some time having fun….

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